We think customers first and learn from our customers as well. Do you have a Smoking Idea or a product that you think is Cool. Great. We can help you. We can put it to test in our Shops , Pattern it, We can put in to production and we can help you sell and market it.


Do you do Hookah ,Do you have a Hookah recipe that you would like to share it everyone. Would you like to see it on our website with your name under it or remain Anonymous . Awesome. Email it to us at Info@Glassandvaporhouse.Com. We will be the first one to try it and put the recipe on our Website so others can try it.


Do you like Vaping whether you are cloud chaser or a Cloud maker whether you are a beginner or a Vaping connoisseur if you have a idea that you would like to share with rest of the vaping community how to make more clouds .Great. We would love to hear from you, Send us your idea we can put it on our website for rest of the Vapor's out there.