Glass & Vaporhouse Grinders are best known for their Sharp teeth or pegs for grinding and durability even for a everyday user this grinders wouldn't lose its sharpness for years. This was the first company to introduce the concave style grinders for easy tobacco flow while grinding. 

2 Part Plastic Grinder 53 Diameter Colors Clear

4 Part Grinder 76 Diameter Colors Silver, Grey & Black

3 Part Grinder 63 Diameter Colors Black & Silver

4 Part Grinder with handle 63 Diameter Colors Black, Grey & Silver.

4 Part Concave style Grinder 76 Diameter Colors Silver & Grey

4 Part Grinder with handle 50 Diameter Colors Black,, Grey & Silver

4 Part Grinder with handle 55 Diameter Colors Black,  & Grey.

4 Part Grinder 63 Diameter Colors Black, Blue, Silver, Grey & red.

4 Part Grinder 55 Diameter Colors Black, Blue, Green, Gold, Silver & Grey.

4 Part Grinder 31 Diameter Colors Black, Blue, Green, Gold, Silver, Grey,Gold & Pink.

4 Part Grinder 40 Diameter Colors Black, Blue, Green, Gold, Silver & Grey.